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Our vision is to create the environments that allows every person to have authentic and genuine conversations about mental health and emotional wellbeing. These environments help us work towards achieving our mission of eliminating suicide.

Bu is a revolutionary preventative education program that fundamentally shifts the focus away from ill-health and disease to wholistic health and wellbeing. The Bu program delivers benefits at an individual, managerial, executive, organisational and cultural level. 

The PukaUp, Optimal Health Program and St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne partnership brings together lived experiences, story-telling, passion, clinical expertise, research, evaluation and more than 20 years’ worth of program delivery, improvement and evolution. 

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The program is a multifaceted preventative module, designed and developed in partnership with Optimal Health Program, and St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.


The program helps participants develop the self-awareness, skills, confidence and capacity to manage and maintain optimal health and wellbeing (prevention). 


The program upskills managers, executives and leaders so that they are better equipped to support employees living with mental health conditions (capacity). 


The program helps organisations identify any potential gaps or opportunities to improve and or strengthen their current framework to better support their people (competency). 


The program helps businesses to start their mental health journey and work towards a culture of wellbeing (culture, values).   


The program is revolutionary, focusing on prevention and optimal health (wellbeing) which we believe has the potential to transform the way businesses manage mental health and wellbeing and support their people. 

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  • Discovery session (identify gaps, competencies, support mechanism

  • 2 x Mental Health Literacy Workshops (max 16 participants per workshop) 

  • 9 module Bu program (max 12 participants per program) 

  • Individual participant coaching sessions with facilitators 

  • 1 x Booster module 

  • Trained Bu facilitators 

  • Program materials, workbooks and resources 



  • Prevention, early intervention of mental health conditions in the workplace 

  • Reduction of absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace

  • Creation of wellbeing orientated culture 


  • Prioritise mental health and emotional wellbeing vocabulary and toolbox

  • Develop capacity to manage and maintain health and wellbeing 

  • Develop skills and confidence to be able to support a colleague 

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