Cycle for Change 2023

26th - 29th October

The annual PukaUp bike ride, Cycle for Change is back.
Immerse yourself in three days of spectacular riding along the Great Ocean Road, whilst supporting our ongoing mission to end suicide.

What we’re riding for

3144 people died by suicide in 2021 with 8.6 Australian’s dying by suicide every day - more than double the national road toll for the same year. Suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 15-44 years and more than 65,000 Australian’s make a suicide attempt every year.

135 people are impacted by the loss of one person as a result of suicide. This equates to a staggering 423,765 people in 2021 that were impacted by this tragic outcome.

Our aim is to fundamentally shift the focus from crisis to prevention.

Awareness alone is not enough. We create environments that empower people to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We achieve this by engaging and educating people to develop the tools to look after their mental health, stay healthy and prevent illness, long before reaching crisis point.

PukaUp exists to end suicide.

Key to the solution

We’ve partnered with the University of Melbourne Centre for Wellbeing Science to create Foundations of Wellbeing. This groundbreaking online program combines best-in-class research and science, with PukaUps advocacy, inspiring storytelling and reputation in the mental health space.

People that complete this course, not only come away with foundational knowledge in wellbeing science but importantly unlock their ability to develop the tools and resources to help understand and manage their mental health, as well as become advocates for change; giving them the ability to influence positive and sustainable change with those around them.

Foundations of Wellbeing is the most significant contribution to ending suicide that PukaUp has been able to make so far - and its because of the incredible support we have received from our dedicated riders, support staff and sponsors.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing has never been more important

Event details

26th - 29th October

PukaUp will be hosting this year’s event at the beachfront property, Mantra Lorne.

Riders will enjoy three days of challenging cycling along the Great Ocean Road and surrounding areas, riding a total of 314.4 kilometres over the event.

Cycling the Great Ocean Road, is an incredible journey through one of the most famous and striking landscapes of Australia. It’s truly an unforgettable experience and a popular destination for cyclists.

Why 314.4kms? We are honouring the 3144 Australians who tragically died by suicide in 2021.


Check in will be from 2pm on wards on the afternoon of 17th November. Riders and support staff will enjoy a relaxed dinner before a panel discussion involving some of cycling's biggest names in Australia and proud PukaUp supporters including four time Tour Down Under winner Simon Gerrans, 15 year UCI Pro Cyclist Mitch Docker, Australia’s leading cycling broadcaster Matt Keenan and our ride Ambassador who spent 3 decades bringing the colour of the Tour de France into our lounge rooms, Mike Tomalaris.

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Day 1 Marysville - Healesville

98 kms, 2086 metres elevation

Day 1 will take us on a gentle decent from Marysville to Buxton along the Steavenson River, once in Buxton we will continue along the Maroondah Hwy riding though our first short climb of the day near the Cathedral Range Park. We reach Taggerty after a few rolling hills and veer right towards Thornton, from here we ride along the Back Eildon Rd until we reach the top of the Eildon Dam, a 2km climb to the top. We ride back towards Thornton via the Goulburn Valley Hwy along the Goulburn River then make our way back towards Marysville.

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Day 2 Giro Della Donna

123 kms, 2300 metres elevation

Day 2 takes us towards the south of Marysville ensuring our legs a rapid warm, crossing our first climb before descending near the town of Narbethong then veering to the right along the Maroondah Hwy on a 13 km stretch of rolling hills towards Buxton. We follow the Maroondah Hwy from Buxton to Taggerty similar to Day 1, having reached Taggerty we veer to the left towards Alexandra, crossing a couple of gentle climbs along the way. From Alexandra we ride towards Thornton and make our way back towards Marysville bordering the Marysville State Forrest in the opposite direction to our departure on Day 1.

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Day 3 Marysville - Lake Mountain

93 kms, 1464 metres elevation

Day 3 combines the best of our previous two days for a perfect end to a challenging weekend of cycling. We follow the same route towards Taggerty as Day 1, followed by Thornton. We ride along the Goulburn River until we reach Eildon. Near the city centre, we turn left to take on the stunning Skyline Rd, a 6.5 km climb with stunning views of the valley, our descent is just as majestic towards Alexandra.  From here we continue following the same road as Day 2 towards Thornton and make our way back towards Marysville bordering the Marysville State Forrest.

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You can join Cycle For Change under four different package options. Ride, Ride & Raise, Ride & GoFundMe or GoFundMe. You can join as an individual, or a corporate sponsor. The more the better.

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