Creating mentally healthy workplaces

through wellbeing webinars, presentations and education programs.
Keeping your employees healthy is the best way to create positive,
long term change in the workplace. The evidence says so.

Presentations and Webinars

The first step towards a healthy workplace – starting the conversation. These one-off sessions with our wellbeing advocates empower the team to engage in vital, honest discussions, and begin to learn a range of practical tools that can be implemented immediately in both the workplace and their wider community.

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Foundations of Wellbeing

You’ve started the mental health conversation, now it’s time to put those words into action to create positive, long term change in the workplace. We’ve combined storytelling, with research from the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science and the latest technology to create an online wellbeing program that packs a meaningful punch. Over 10 modules, your team will learn how to improve their own wellbeing, and maintain it.