Oct 2020

Podcast – Positive Psychology – Professor Lea Waters, Part 1



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An authentic conversation with world leading expert on positive psychology Professor Lea Waters.

Professor Lea Waters AM, PhD, is a psychologist, researcher, speaker and author. She’s one of the world’s leading experts on Positive Education, Positive Organisations, and Strength-Based Parenting and Teaching. As a University researcher, Lea turns her science into strength-based strategies to help organisations, educators and parents around the world build resilience in their employees and children, helping them to thrive. Lea is a Board Member and the 2017-2019 President of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and founding director of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne and is the author of the Strength Switch https://www.leawaters.com/the-strength-switch

In part 1 of this inspiring episode Lea talks openly about her traumatic childhood, the devastating loss of her sister, making the difficult decision to end her relationship with her parents and how these experiences resulted in a myriad of mental health conditions developing some of which she still manages today.
With close to three decades of seeking professional support, Lea has successfully overcome many of the conditions that have impacted her life and inspiringly used her own experiences in her role as a psychologist to help children, families and organisations across the world.

Lea also shares:
“When I tell the story of what I’ve overcame in my past, that becomes a part of someone’s survival guide for their future.”
“Forgiveness is letting go of anger and it’s letting go of bitterness and it’s reaching this point of grace where you say I’m not going to hold onto that any more I’m going to move forward and live my own life.”
“When we keep these things silent, shadows grow in silence.”
“One of the gifts of Covid is time which has allowed people and their families to slow down, to have more gentleness in their life at the moment.”
“Healing can also be made up of a journey of amplifying and building up what is right with you.”
“The absence of depression is not the same as the presence of happiness.”

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