Wellbeing Presentations

The first step towards creating mentally healthy workplaces is to start the conversation.

Common sense tells us that when employees find themselves in a workplace environment that champions open and authentic conversations about wellbeing, supports people experiencing mental health challenges and creates a space free from stigma, that they are less stressed, more productive and happier. The research tells us that too.

So let’s talk about it…

We know that talking about mental health can be difficult. We also know it doesn’t have to be. Creating a safe workplace environment where talking about mental health is not only okay, but actively encouraged is crucial to your team and organisation’s wellbeing.

Meet Our Presenters

We have five inspiring presenters who have two important things in common: they’re passionate about mental health and are committed to helping you to help your employees.

Tailored to your workplace

Each presenter comes with incredible experience from their chosen fields, bringing you five unique and complementary presentations that cover important wellbeing topics: storytelling and lived experience, sleep, nutrition, movement and exercise, and mindfulness. Your workplace can engage any, all or one of our presenters.  Organisations can engage in any blend of presentations in combination with our online course, Foundations of Wellbeing.

Ready to create positive, long term change in your workplace?