About Ashton

An experienced practitioner and business owner, Ashton is a passionate promoter of movement. In a world that is becoming far more sedentary, it is Ashton’s mission to help people understand the importance of movement for a long and healthy life. Ashton’s philosophy is a simple one: make movement part of your day, in easy ways!

Movement not only has many physical health benefits, but it can also improve mental health, performance, creativity, productivity and mood, reduce the risk of injury and absenteeism, help to manage stress, and results in better sleep.

Ashton has a background in professional sport and has worked with a number of high profile sporting clubs such as Collingwood Football Club, Williamstown Football Club, and most recently the Victoria Thunderbolts Rugby League Academy. Ashton has qualifications in strength and conditioning, exercise rehabilitation and movement education

Ashton is passionate about mental health because…

In her career as an Osteopath, Ashton has first hand experience of the stigma around mental health amongst healthcare professionals and corporate business. She’s seen how mental health can impact the body and present itself in physical ways and knows that this experience is not something to be ashamed of. Ashton’s passion stems from the core belief that we can all do more to better understand our own mental health, and find actionable ways to manage our overall wellbeing.

Here’s what you can expect in Ashton's presentation…

  • The importance of movement for physical wellbeing
  • The effect movement can have on our stress levels, mood, focus and productivity
  • The importance of movement for managing pain
  • How we can add more movement to our everyday lives
  • How to easily add more movement into our routines to help us reach our daily targets
  • How movement in the workplace can boost team morale
  • Strategies that can be implemented to help encourage the team in the workplace to move more throughout the day

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