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Mental health doesn’t discriminate.
Make your move towards reclaiming your wellbeing.

Who We Are

PukaUp is a cause-driven organisation, here to achieve our vision of ending suicide. As mental health advocates and storytellers, we believe education and facilitating open conversations about mental and emotional wellbeing is the key to keeping people healthy and ultimately preventing suicide. We work in the prevention, rather than the crisis space for a very important reason: we don't believe that people should become unwell, or reach crisis point, before taking control of their wellbeing. Through education and using your own tools, remaining in a healthy, or manageable area of the wellbeing spectrum is achievable for everyone.

Why We’re Here

There is a disconnect between knowing mental health is important, and taking action to stay well. We believe that we can help prevent people from reaching a crisis point through education and conversation. Our mission is to create environments that allow every person to have regular, honest conversations about mental health, and to arm you with the tools to look after your wellbeing as part of your everyday life.

What We Do

We educate through workplace presentations, webinars, and now a course that we’re incredibly excited about. In partnership with alffie and Melbourne University's Centre for Wellbeing Science, we’ve designed Foundations of Wellbeing – a course that meets the needs of any business, in any industry, creating mentally healthy teams, workforces and workplaces.

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