About Simone

Simone has 25 years of experience under her impressive belt and is the author of Eat Like An Athlete. She is currently the Chief Health Officer at Healthylife  – an online health platform, nutrition ambassador for Australian Almonds and Rokeby Farms and a regular public and keynote speaker. She is on the board at Dietitians Australia and was the president of Sports Dietitians for five years.

Simone has a proven track record of success as a Sports Dietitian working with many of Australia’s elite sporting teams including 12 years with Hawthorn AFL Football Club which included three consecutive premiership wins. She also enjoyed numerous years at the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, Melbourne Storm, Melbourne City and the Melbourne Rebels​.

Having been featured on all major television stations and in numerous print media, online media and radio, Simone presents nutritional information in an easy to understand and engaging manner.

Simone is passionate about mental health because…

Simone loves that diet and food brings us joy along with physical and mental health benefits. She particularly likes to focus on her clients – whether it be elite athletes, a working parent or student – to develop some basic cooking and shopping skills so that preparing a nutritious, tasty meal is a joy rather than a chore.

The Mediterranean style of eating is Simone’s favourite, with the benefits to mental health known, partly due to the abundance of tasty vegetables and fresh fruit.  

Diet is an exciting tool we can all have in our mental health toolkit, ready to assist in preventing and treating mental health conditions.

Here’s what you can expect in Simone’s presentation…

  • Gut health and why it’s important
  • How do you know if you have bad gut health?
  • Fibre types and their importance
  • The connection between gut health and mental health
  • How to eat a healthy diet that helps improve your gut bacteria which may benefit your mental health

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