Nov 2017

Podcast – Brendan Fevola



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An authentic conversation with Brendon Fevola.

Brendan Fevola played 204 AFL games with the Carlton and Brisbane Lions football clubs over a twelve year period. His career included 623 goals, two Coleman Medals, being a three time All Australian and leading goal scorer with the Carlton Football Club for seven consecutive years. In this episode ‘Fev’ explains why he has no regrets choosing to accept that things happened for a reason and that he needed to go through difficult times to get to where he is today, and why he struggled to open up and tell people what he was going through.

‘Fev’ talks candidly to host Wayne Schwass about how his way of dealing with boredom was to use alcohol and gambling, openly admitting he gambled away an entire year’s salary. This larger than life personality still can’t explain why he would spend hours reading on-line football forums every night for years looking for approval without recognising the significantly negative impact this was having on his health, wellbeing and importantly his ability to perform as an AFL athlete. A 68 day stay in a mental health facility whilst still being a contracted AFL player with the Brisbane Lions Football Club, going on to win “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” and his eventual move to Yarrawonga to play local football were key decisions that helped him change his life. Brendan also speaks about the influence his ex-wife now fiancee, Alex has had on his life.