Oct 2017

Podcast – Kyle Vander Kuyp



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An authentic conversation with Olympic athlete Kyle Vander Kuyp.

Kyle Vander Kuyp is Australias most successful male athlete in the 110m hurdles and still holds the record for the fastest time by an Australian for this event. An Olympic finalist, 4 time Commonwealth Games participant and holder of 12 Australian records, Kyle talks with host Wayne Schwass about his adopted mother, reconnecting with his biological mother and his Aboriginal heritage. Kyle also discusses the difficulties he faced in 2004 which included missing out on selection for the Athens Olympics, the breakdown of a relationship and financial loss. A training partner of Kyles encouraged him to see a doctor and about mental burnout which was eventually diagnosed as depression. Applying the same principles that made him a successful athlete, Kyle was able to make a full recovery from his mental health experience.