Nov 2017

Podcast – Osher Günsberg



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Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities. He has forged a successful media career on both television and radio while living with and managing mental health conditions.

Heidi has a successful radio career, was a former contestant on Big Brother in 2013, is a columnist for Perth Now and Mamamia, a blogger, podcaster and a proud ambassador for Fearless Activewear. But behind the smile and bubbly and infectious personality is a strong woman who has bravely battled anxiety for as long as she can remember, has overcome crippling body image issues, self-esteem and eating disorder challenges which contributed to her constant search for approval and acceptance from others. She talks to host Wayne Schwass about her turning point and deciding to speak openly for the first time about her anxiety on air in 2016. It was a defining moment in this inspiring story of self-development, acceptance and learning to love herself as a whole person. Heidi Anderson is an energetic, enthusiastic, passionate crusader for other people living with mental health conditions.