Nov 2020

Podcast – Resilience – Stacey Copas



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An authentic conversation with Stacey Copas.

Stacey Copas is an inspiration. Left a quadriplegic at the age of 12, Stacey has set out to empower those around her. An author and speaker, Stacey provides the tools to build resilience in our rapidly changing world, turn change and adversity into opportunities, and to create high performance culture.

In this episode Stacey talks candidly about how her experience has taught her not to take anything for granted and that she is a better person for the experience.

Stacey explains why the most negative conversations we have are often with ourselves, how resilience is a skill everyone has the capacity to develop, being resilient is about look for opportunities and that resilience is the ability to be able to encounter challenges and be able to learn and grow from them rather than be held back by them.

Stacey is the Author of “How To Be Resilient”, International Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on finding the opportunity in change and adversity.

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