Nov 2020

Podcast – Wellbeing – Dr Izzy Smith (Part 1)



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An authentic conversation with Dr Izzy Smith

Dr Izzy Smith is an Endocrinology Doctor with a passion for sharing health advice that is easy to digest, promoting evidenced-based advice on exercise, nutrition and medicine whilst busting silly health myths by calling out some of the dangerous fads in the wellness and weight loss industry.

Izzy is a passionate advocate for mental health she is a strong advocate for the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and is also the co-host of the mental health podcast Behind the Uniform Podcast.

In the first of two episodes, Izzy discusses the individual nature of wellbeing, how alcohol ruins more lives than any other drug, why being constantly stimulated will eventually catch up with us, the importance of helping people to understand we all have mental health.

She also explains the benefits of seeing a psychologist something she has done for ten years, why sitting is the new smoking and the best exercise for your mental health is one that you enjoy doing.

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