Aug 2020

What’s your story – Marcus Walker


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“All my core group of mates are the same. We have all cried with each other, we have all hugged each other when we have needed and we have all told each other we love each other when we need to hear it…”

“…And if you think I am girly, then how about we sit down for a couple of hours and talk about the three and a half years I spent driving war ships around the ocean, being trained to board vessels in the military, of drug smugglers and weapon smugglers. I think I have a good balance there. If you think I am being a bit too feminine by crying sometimes, or if you think I need to be a bit more manly, hmm I think I have a good balance there.” – Marcus Walker, War Veteran

Marcus Walker is a navy war veteran who spent years navigating oceans and jumping on drug and weapon smuggling vessels… He also cries and tells his mates he loves them. Hear how Marcus has learnt to embrace his vulnerable side. This is Marcus’s story.