Help employees have more ‘better’ days at work.

Whilst mental health awareness has been on the rise for some years now, taking proactive action to create long term, sustainable, positive change in Australian workplaces is still lacking. The wellbeing of your employees is inextricably linked to business success – however you choose to define it.

The evidence ➞

So how do we take awareness, and turn it into action?

We equip people with the tools they need to understand and proactively manage their individual mental health, long before reaching crisis point.

Developed using best in class research and evidence from the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science

We leverage inspiring storytelling to bring the course to life, using lived experience and engaging, practical advice from real people

Healthy people are happy people. And happy people are better employees

Mental health and wellbeing at work is the number one priority for Australian employees.

In 2021, 90% of employees experienced burnout
70% of employees said they were willing to leave their current jobs for one that better supported their wellbeing
69% of employees would turn down a promotion in favour of preserving their mental health
Employees who positively rated their business’ commitment to wellbeing  were 63% more likely to be loyal
53% of employees have felt burnt out from work in the past three months (Nov 21 - Jan 22)
3.2 Days
A total of 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress
49 vs 140 Hours
49 hours of work each month is produced by an unhealthy employee compared to 140 hours per month by a healthy employee
$3,401 - $5,305
NSW Research estimates the cost of absenteeism among employees experiencing mental ill-health is substantial: $3,401 annually for each employee experiencing moderate ill health, and $5,305 per year for employees with severe mental illness.
6 Days
Employees with moderate mental ill health took approximately 6 additional sick days per year
Create a workforce that’s resilient, compassionate, creative and happy. How? By investing in their wellbeing. It can be learnt, and we have the tools to show you how.

When employees thrive they are…

less likely to burn out
less likely take a sick day
more likely to be satisfied at work
less likely to leave the organisation
more likely to be more productive
6 times
more likely to be engaged at work

The Course

Foundations of Wellbeing is an online, science-based wellbeing skill building course for workplaces. It is a 10 week, 10 module course with each module taking  approximately 50 to 60 minutes to complete.

In each module, participants are challenged to understand and learn a new wellbeing language (wellbeing literacy), topics, ideas, and to experiment with a range of skills to see how they fit within their own situation.

The Modules


Learn what wellbeing actually means – this module is designed to help participants become ‘wellbeing literate’ and encourages them to start exploring what wellbeing means to them.


Learn how to identify and define personal strengths through a variety of frameworks and understand how using them enhances wellbeing.


This module covers the stages and processes of behaviour change, motivation, goal setting, tiny habits, values and making changes to enhance wellbeing.


Learn about factors that impact our resilience, how to build it and factors that impact resilience at work.


This module walks participants through accomplishment and its connection to wellbeing and goals, and how to set and work towards achieving our individual goals.


This module teaches participants about how emotions impact us, how positive emotions can be cultivated and how to manage negative emotions.


Being present and engaged at work is a learnt skill. In this module, participants explore flow and mindfulness, and learn how to improve workplace engagement.


Relationships and wellbeing are inextricably linked – workplace relationships are no exception. Learn the characteristics of good workplace relationships, along with the skills and strategies for building strong ones.


Finding meaning is something we all seek but is often hard to find or define. This module does exactly that – defines it, gives examples of sources of meaning and connects meaning with wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing

Here’s where the learning gets tied together and applied specifically to the workplace; this module explores  self-monitoring, being proactive, setting goals, taking care of mental and physical wellbeing, building relationships at work and seeking support as required.

Course Format

Foundations of Wellbeing is entirely online and the course material is presented in an engaging and interactive way via written content, images, graphics, videos, animations and guided reflection questions, as well as periodic wellbeing assessments to gauge change. There are also knowledge-based assessments, learning checkpoint activities and reflection and discovery activities throughout the program.

The Outcomes

Participants come away from the course with foundational knowledge in wellbeing science, as well as the tools and skills to apply this new knowledge into their lives and workplace environments in a personalised way.

Healthy employees means: fewer sick days, higher productivity, higher retention rates and more innovation. Why? Because healthy people are happy people. And happy people are better employees.

Ready to create positive, long term change in your workplace?